Hot Kore Barre

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Welcome to Hot Kore Barre

What is Hot Kore Barre?

Hot Kore Barre  is an overall body workout that uses 4 fitness modalities and 4 ranges of movement.  Each class is systematically and creatively designed to create strong, toned muscles as well as endurance by working muscles to the point of fatigue/exhaustion and back to recovery.  Classes are challenging and fun and set to energetic music to keep the energy and intensity high.

The movements in Hot Kore Barre are done with the use of a Ballet Barre utilizing it as the major prop in the workout.  Each movement is slow, controlled and precise to achieve maximum results. 


The workouts are tough, but with the inspiration from our certified instructors and the heart pumping music you are sure to enjoy every minute of these challenging workouts.  With a consistent practice you can begin to feel results in as few as 10 sessions and begin to see results in as few as 20 sessions.

Are you ready to get started?  Go to our Purchase page and get ready for one of the HOTTEST workouts around!   

Hot Kore Barre !